Why Thank You Notes Are So Crucial


I have always been an advocate of sending thank you notes and even as a Mom of three, when life has NEVER been busier, I still MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Whether it's a thank you note for dinner, gifts, a weekend in someone's home or just being a guest at an event, I send thank you notes.


As a giver, it is so wonderful to spoil my family and friends in any way I can. Whether it be a dinner, taking them to an event, a Broadway show, vacation or simply a lunch, I LOVE to give to those in my life.  When someone sends me a thank you card or flowers to simply say thank you, I am beyond touched and cannot wait to do it again because they made ME feel so extremely special and appreciated.  A little goes a LONG way and cards, in my opinion, do just that.

So to be on the other side of the coin, when someone does this for me, I cannot wait to send my appreciation in cards or flowers (I LOVE flowers and they are always my go to). I am truly grateful for other people's generosity and the willingness to include me or my family, so I want them to know how appreciative I really am.  So for me, it is NOT an option NOT TO SEND A THANK YOU!!!!

I recommend getting personalized stationery ( I have it for my husband and I and for each of my children) so that I don't have an excuse that I don't have any cards or that I have to run out to get one. I also recommend having your desk drawer stamp ready.  Again, no reason you can't send a thank you card.

This is our first family custom Thank You cards I had  made by the amazing @diarysketcheslk who creates gorgeous portraits from your photos. Once I had this image made I went to my stationary lady (but going to zazzle.com is a great option too) and had many of these made and ready to go.


I asked several people what it felt like to receive Thank You cards and here is what some people had to say:

"I just love the special touch in receiving a handwritten note. It feels like someone is really going above and beyond with their time and effort. It makes you feel special and appreciated."

"To receive a note in the mail is something not many people do anymore. It is so personal seeing someone’s handwriting. I love opening the mailbox and seeing a note from a friend."

"I love to receive thank you notes. I think it shows what  you have done is appreciated when people take time in their busy schedule to write one."

"It is never expected but is a really nice surprise and one always feels grateful that what they have done was acknowledged."

So get your thank you cards ready and do it NOW!  

You will be so thankful you did.


JULY 26th, 2021


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