Why Party Favors are Next Level

When it comes to hosting/entertaining, besides creating my Tablescapes, I LOVE to have a party favor at the end of my events and although it is so NOT NECESSARY I want to share why I think they are important.

When I host any type of event, whether it be a dinner or a grand party, I always want my guests to leave feeling special.  That has ALWAYS been my objective and to this day my main focus when planning any event. Sure anyone can throw a lavish party, but how people feel when they leave your party, to me, is the secret ingredient.  How to do that can be tricky too because some people might try too hard and that becomes extremely evident, but you also want to remain loyal to who you are and still be yourself. So it's a fine line. But again, if you are focused on the right elements and stay true to you, you are well on your way to success.

Party favors have always been important to me because I genuinely am in awe of people taking the time out of their busy schedules to join me and celebrate with me. I am truly touched by that. And one way of showing my appreciation to my guests is giving them a party favor.

These do NOT have to be extravagant, I actually prefer that they are not, but they should be thoughtful and kind gestures.  Just that little extra THANK YOU to your guests for coming to your home, space, event and being with you.

I remember one  of my first dinners when I was really young and had no money. I had just come back from China from a job there and I knew Thanksgiving was coming up and I was hosting.  What was I to give my guests? While in China I found these gorgeous papered sayings "LOVE, LOYALTY, FRIENDSHIP" written in Chinese lettering and I knew that was what I wanted to give my guests.

When I got home to America, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased frames, wrapped them and handed them to my guests at the end of dinner with a beautifully handwritten note.  My guests were stunned, so touched and appreciative. It made me beyond happy! That to me is what it is all about. 

Here's an easy list of some items to inspire you for your next party favor:

-Pashmina scarves; Have them rolled up and maybe placed in a beautiful bowl with a note for your guests to take when they leave or perhaps even have them placed over the back of your dining chairs. Add great color, texture and clearly evident it's for your guest.

-Venus et Fleur have these incredibly beautiful single flowers in a box (you get to choose colors for both) that could add great fun and decor to your table. A little extra $ but so worth it as these flowers last for years so also fun for your guests.

-Sugarfina has great packaging and sweets that you can also add to the table and color coordinate with your Tablescape. A sweet favor for your guests.

-If you have a specific theme try to find something useful to give. For example, we hosted a Chanukah party and gave our guests Mazel Tov Tumblers from Bravo and put some gold Gelt in them and it was a HIT.

-If you have flowers as your centerpiece why not give those away to your guests? And if you have more people than flower arrangements make a game out of it and see who wins the florals.

-If you want to be more fancy and don't mind spending $, maybe give each of your guests a bottle of the wine you just served them at dinner or send them on their way with a beautiful Tiffany note book (only $30) because who doesn't like anything wrapped in that Tiffany blue.  Another great way to extend the experience.

So the next time you are hosting something, think about something simple and thoughtful for your guests as they leave your home.  You will have them talking and thinking about you even after they have left you.  

No better feeling.

And remember to HAVE FUN while doing it!

June 7th,2021

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