Why not start a Super Club?

In 2014 I created a Super Club called "Dinner Chez-Nous" where about 5 to 6 couples would get together once a season and have a dinner party. I LOVE hosting and this was the perfect event to add to my social calendar as it was my excuse to plan a party more than once a year in my home. The way we structured it was that each couple was responsible for one course, an appetizer, desserts and/ or wine. That way it wasn't all on one person and financially a great way to distribute the load.  However, over time it came down to only two of us who cook (one is an actual chef) but we loved it and it worked for our group.  But I HIGHLY recommend distributing the night and have everyone involved in making it happen for the various reasons I just mentioned: Time and cost. Yes we are in a global pandemic so you can do this through a zoom call (no excuses here to not celebrate or have a party) but when we can all reconnect again I encourage you to create your very own super club and here's why.

With all of our busy lives, with or without kids, we ALL need something to look forward to. It's why we all love TGIF because we know Saturday is a non work day and cannot wait to let go Friday night! It's why getting an invitation to a wedding or a milestone celebration or planning your next vacation is exciting (at least they are to me) because now we have something scheduled and to look forward to.

You've gathered your friends (assuming everyone gets along) and you've carved out time and space for adult time. A time where you can relax, have a drink or two, eat some great food (whether you cook or order in who cares) where all of you and your friends are in one space to be present in each other's lives.

It's a time to feel good about yourself.  Let's face it, we are all tired, maybe even stressed or frustrated. But you may also just be lonely, in need of affection and want to bring some excitement to your life. Buy yourself a new outfit, go for it. If you want to set/create a fancy table and bring out the good china, be my guest. If you want to have pizza and make it a game night, why the heck not?! This is an opportunity for you and your friends to create some awesome memories together.

If COVID has taught us anything, it is that TIME is extremely precious for ALL OF US and in a split second that time and freedom can be taken away.  So make YOUR TIME count. Gather your friends. Come up with a great name. Create different themes and dinners and create those long lasting memories together. Because if not now, when?!

You won't regret it.

Have fun

March 1st, 2020

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