Why Invitations are so Important

When was the last time you received an invitation? Was it for a wedding? A milestone birthday party? A Shower of some sorts? What about an invitation to a dinner at someone's home? Have you ever received that?

Well I LOVE to send invitations to my guests for our dinner parties and here's why.

First of all, I LOVE getting things in the mail (except bills of course) but thank you letters, Holidays cards and INVITATIONS to all sorts of events. When I receive an invite I cannot wait to open it to see who it's from, where it's at, what is the occasion, what is the dress code and can we make it!!! I truly get all giddy and full of excitement.  Just ask my husband:)

*as a side note: when you receive an invitation, please respond immediately or almost immediately.  It's pretty safe to say you will know in that moment if  you can make it or not.  Nothing worse than having to track down your guests to see if they are joining you.

Back to receiving invitations... For me, the way I feel about receiving an invitation is how I would love for my guests to feel when they are invited to one of my dinners, or events. Or at least that is one of my goals:) And so I like to send them out, even if it's simply for dinner.

Here's why: An invitation, in my opinion is a little insight as to what your guests may experience.  Forget all the details of date, time and place but rather focusing on the style of the invitation.  The colors or images you use, in my opinion should reflect what they are about to experience.  Nothing destroys my soul more than getting a fun, colorful invitation  and when you arrive, those colors are nowhere to be seen at the event. Or receiving an invite with NO COLORS AT ALL - zero guidance to your guest. To me it's like seeing an outfit you love on line and when they deliver it to you it's nothing like what you saw. Destroys me!

So, I feel it's important to know all of those details before your send out your invitation. Is there a theme, a Color scheme, gold, silver or rose accents, formal, informal or casual.  All of these simple details can affect your guests experience. The shape of the invitation. A trifold, folded or a simple card. The type of fonts you use can relay the temperature of the night. If there's a theme then please guide your guests to a dress code. Nothing worst then zero communication (or having your guests chase you down for these answers) and your guests are underdressed for what you had hoped would be a fabulous evening. Because then they are just upset and THAT'S what people remember. So you have an opportunity here to give them as much details as you can in their invitations.

Here's an image of one of my invitations to my super club Dinner Chez-Nous, Diamonds & Rose dinner party.

I sometimes use the image of the invitation for my printed menus. Another way of tying it all in and not having to stress about what the menu will look like should you choose to use one.

And here is the Tablescape I created off of that invitation and it's details.

As the hostess I also LOVE to coordinate my outfit to my dinner/event (but SO NOT NECESSARY). Here's what I wore for this dinner:

This is how I like to host and prepare for even something as simple as a dinner. But I will say this, the BEST compliment I've ever received is "When Angie and Steven host something, you DON'T want to miss it!" And that is my ultimate goal every single time. To keep creating those incredible memories for my guests.

You can too! So send out that invitation and get creating!

Remember to have fun!

March 22nd, 2021

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