Where to get your Inspiration from (D)


For a Chanukah party we were hosting in our home, I didn't want to just use the color blue (which I always feel drawn to do for this particular holiday) and I was searching for inspiration. I had these gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoes (see photo below) and that was it.  It had blue but more of a turquoise alongside purple and I was hooked.

This was my inspiration for our party.  




For the decor I kept it simple and used white flowers everywhere and found these gorgeous turquoise and purple feathers (just like the shoe) and placed them under the vases -like placemats.

I had the party catered and the way I chose to tie the food in with the theme was to have my trays underlined with the same feathers. A very easy and affordable way to decorate.

I like to incorporate my staff (when I have them -because to me they are extremely important ) and so I purchased purple bow ties (I always purchase bow ties because it's a simple and cost affective thing to do and always ties it all together) plus it's just fun.

Just a few simple and cost effective ways to elevate a party with color and a fancy shoe.

APRIL 26th, 2021

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