Where to get your Inspiration from (B)


Creating this event/design (if I'm being very honest) was the most difficult for me.  Our theme was our home but the party was not partaking in that space all evening as we were bringing our guests to the rooftop for an intimate dinner so I was not sure how to tie it all together.  Again the "person" we were celebrating was our new home, so I focused on her colors and textures -it was a very sexy home.

What ended up solving all of my problems and guiding me throughout the entire planning process was a coffee table book we owned called Ellen Von Unwerth Fraulein (if you ever want to give the ultimate sexy book to someone -this is the one) and we ran with it.

We chose to use images in this book as our inspiration and for all of the details: invitations, menu's, place cards and had a step and repeat with images blown up and resting on easels (super sexy) and great for photos.

(This was the invitation that was sent to everyone and I used a couple to place throughout the home)

How we structured the event was that we had our guests tour the home first with cocktails and passed hors d'œuvres.  With that, we had our very own Gobo created with our logo for the entry to welcome our guests and then brought that into the napkins and hand towels in the bathrooms to tie it all together.

We then brought our guests to the rooftop where we dined and danced the night away. We wanted an element of sophistication and class and thought what if we had place cards, pashmina's and with a special greater as a surprise. Another WOW factor for our guests.

We carried all of these colors upstairs and probably to this date my FAVORITE Tablescape designs EVER. I worked with an amazing company called @squarerootdesigns and if you ever need a party planner on the west coast (they do travel) they are truly the BEST.  The attention to detail was unreal as you can see in the photos.

To identify the names of the tables, I found these gorgeous 7 Deadly Sin plates at a boutique in Beverly Hills and had them on little easels on the tables, and it added the perfect finish to it all.  

We even had our pastry chef design a red velvet couch for dessert as we had an after party with just that in another space, and what a way to guide your guests to what's next.

The after dinner, dancing was next level after this gorgeous dinner -if you can even imagine. Again, we carried in the colors, floating candles, cigar and tequila bar. Who knew I needed an after party for the after party:)

I was so very proud of this event/dinner and housewarming extravaganza and how it all came together.  Again, once you have that single theme/idea/item I'm telling you it can all fall into place just like this one did. And all the stress I thought I was going to have, just went away because it was clear, simple and perfectly executed.

April 12th, 2021

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