What to do when things go WRONG with your planning


I wanted to touch base on this topic because I feel it's something that happens more often than not, but like on Instagram, we only share the good things in our lives and not the bad ones.  I think there is a place for both because that is how we LEARN and GROW.


When this happens, and there will be a day it does, because that is life, the hardest and the first thing to do is.... TAKE A DEEP BREATH.

Our natural instinct is to want to run around and try to fix everything and sometimes that creates even more chaos and problems rather than solutions.

Take a deep breath and know everything is going to be okay. Focus on the problem solving at hand and not necessarily the result, because sometimes when accidents happen, better versions of your ideas may present themselves.  That is why we must TRUST the process and the results will follow.

I love to share this story because that's exactly what this Bride did on her wedding day.

Years ago I attended a destination where the wedding took place an hour away from the bride's home. On the day of her wedding one of the bridesmaids forgot her dress at the bride's home.  You can clearly imagine what was going on that morning. I'll never forget seeing the mother of the bride come down to the cocktail hour a nervous wreck (rightfully so) and tell us all what had happened.  She then said that the bride told her to tell everyone "just enjoy the cocktail hour while we wait!" We were just fine with that. All dressed up for a black tie affair and got to indulge and be in the moment with champagne and caviar, who could ask for anything more?! 

What's most important to this story is that the weather that day was quite questionable and the couple had to decide whether to move the wedding inside or not and were on the fence because it was their vision to be outside. With the missing dress scenario (someone had to drive to and from to collect the dress) it actually bought them more time. The bride chose to wait!  Even though the cocktail hour went on a little longer than expected, she was so grateful that this mishap occurred because once the dress arrived, the sun broke out and the wedding of her dreams occurred!  This BRIDE chose to wait it out instead of panicking and making the move from outside to in and it all unfolded the way she envisioned it to be. A GREAT lesson. 


Everything happens for a reason and especially when it comes to parties, dinners or events so we must just GO WITH THE FLOW.

This experience has always stayed with me and a story I often share and wanted to share it with you so that you too can remember this valuable lesson.

Breathe, trust, problem solve and persevere.  Your event might just be better than what you initially planned.

August 9th, 2021

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