Wedding Season is Upon Us


I don't know about you, but I love EVERYTHING that comes with a Wedding: the engagement party, the showers, the Bachelorette and Bachelor getaways and of course the Wedding itself. I just LOVE a PARTY.

But if you are the parents, the Maid of Honor or Best Man, these can seem very daunting, be overwhelming and stress you out. 

I'm here to help you and hopefully give you some great tips and ideas for your next shower you are hosting.

I created this Bridal Shower one week before the pandemic hit (talk about perfect timing).  This Bride's wedding was supposed to be in Greece and sadly was cancelled (moved to a BEAUTIFUL venue upstate NYC) so it only seemed fitting that the shower be held at a Greek Restaurant here in NYC.

This private room was reserved for 24 ladies with a four course luncheon, alongside some delicious paired wines and all to celebrate a special young lady.

Now for the theme, decor and party favors.


The Mother of the Bride was hosting this event and she wanted a spa like theme as it was a happy and joyous place for her daughter.  I presented her with some images (see below) and even though we deterred from this look, what we took away were these colors which helped us with our decor decisions. Although we did not bring in spa services (a great idea if you have the space and time to facilitate) we decided that her shower gifts and her party favors would carry that theme. A great way to tie it all together. 



We were inspired by the image above and chose light pink and soft green to be  our chosen colors. I first found this gorgeous table runner and ran with the rest (sometimes let ONE thing/item inspire you so you stay on track) because it's super easy to get side tracked with too many ideas.  The colors and florals on the runner are what I used for the following items: I ordered this runner, personalized invitations, napkins, place cards, thank you tags and menus from Zazzle (they always have an array of options for a theme -highly recommend them) and then the flowers. I sent the invitation to my florist (Flowers on First) and they created the PERFECT flowers for the tables and for all around the room. I needed some height and when it was time to choose my candles I knew what I needed.  Thankfully, Artistry Flowers had these gorgeous tall silver candle holders that I was able to rent.  I really wanted a WOW factor here. Lastly, to make it more intimate and personal I asked for 8x10 photos of the couple (They just had an engagement shoot done - always a great way to keep a celebration personal and more intimate with photos) and placed them in silver frames and displayed them all around the venue for that personal touch. 



My personal gift to the Bride (beside silk Olivia Von Hall pajamas and a spa gift box from Net-a-Porter- again in support of the theme) I created an entrance ( I LOVE an entrance for guests because it's the FIRST thing they see and I believe it sets the tone) with a  signing book, flowers, candles from LAFCO and a large custom Selfie Frame for all of her guests to take photos.  I wanted something fun and interactive for this young age group (and who knew this would be the last time for over a year and a half we could touch another human?) Plus a great keepsake fo the couple.



In sticking with the theme, we came up with giving everyone two wonderful gifts: One bag had the Bride's favorite nail polish color (Ballerina Slipper) and a pink votive candle and the other bag was custom designed cookies (thanks to Sweet Silver Linings) of a Bridal Dress and Engagement Ring.


A photographer was hired, music was playing, everyone was in place for the surprise... and we pulled it off.

It was a beautiful afternoon of ladies lunching and celebrating a young beautiful woman and the next chapter in her life.

July 12th, 2021

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