The Importance of a Tablescape

Some people will say "It's too much work to set a table" or "Why do we have to?" "I don't have the time!" "Why can't I just put down my plates, cutlery and glassware and call it a day!" And the answer is you can just do that but why not take the extra simple steps to create a beautiful table because the reward you will receive, in my opinion, is so worth it. Here's my why to setting our Tables.

Let me first ask you this question; whenever you've gone to someones home for dinner and notice that they have pulled out the red carpet for you (whether you like their style or not is not what's important here) do you ever find yourself feeling extra special or like maybe you took a mini vacation? ( I guess this is all assuming you were in good company) But have you ever felt better about yourself? I mean you got all dressed up, entered into a beautiful space with great ambiance, amazing food and drinks and either with your friends, family or your loved one's and felt so connected that you didn't' want the night to end?  That you had a wonderful experience. At least I'm hoping you've experienced this at least ONCE in your life and if not... maybe find some new friends! HAHAH But I am here to tell you that that is EXACTLY how your friends and/or family will feel if YOU did that to them.  You will have given them more than just an experience. TRUST ME.

Setting a table for me has always been a way to express my love, gratitude and or appreciation for those in my life. It has allowed the artist in me to let go of my creativity and create something truly special for my guests. Let's be honest, we all crave the need to connect and we as humans need to be around other people so why not at the dinner table.  For me It's all about CONNECTING with those around us and giving them an incredible MEMORY. Getting away from our current lives, diving into other peoples worlds, listening and learning from those around us. Yes, maybe our big events have been cancelled but can we not still achieve these goals at home at our own dinner table? The answer is YES and I do believe elevating our style helps with all of that because it separates the evening from any night of the week to something special.  That you took the time as the Host or Hostess to go the extra mile for your guests does NOT go unnoticed. Your guest will notice the simple details, that you thought about them, that they are important to you and that they matter for you to go out of your way for them.  The experience and memory you just gave your guests, THAT is what they will take away with them and with that they will always remember their time with you.

So set a date and invite some people over. Pull out those dishes you've been waiting to use for that "special" day, use the crystal because why not, buy some flowers from your local bodega, pick up some wine, order in and/or cook, put something nice on that makes you feel good about yourself, play some music and let the night unfold. Because let's face it, YOU deserve a night out too!

February 14th, 2021


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