How to Reuse a Tablescape

I am a big fan of reusing what I have when it comes to designing a Tablescape. I believe that you dont' ALWAYS have to buy from scratch to create something beautiful.  If you want to that, that's GREAT but it's not necessary.  Sometimes I feel we just get in our own way with thoughts of "Well my guests have already seen this" or "I love this collection but I've been there and done that".  I'm here to say REUSE REUSE REUSE.

Now, I will also say there is nothing wrong in purchasing one or two new items as it all adds to your home collection in the end anyway but if you have a collection you have just worn out, then by all means buy all new. But I'm here to say that you don't have to.

I'm going to show you three different set up with my Cheerful Daffodil (which you can purchase at which I used for Passover, Easter and Mother's Day.

Like vision boards, I like to lay everything out and see what my eyes like and don't like.  This is also a great opportunity (if you are interested in purchasing something new) to see what that might be.  Maybe a new tablecloth, or a new set of Napkin rings.  Or maybe it's just time for some new plates. This is also a great time to decide if your accent colors (or cutlery) are going to be silver or gold. Today you can have many colors of cutlery so this gives you the space to try them all out and select what you like.

Below are images of three different layouts with the Cheerful Daffodil. It's so easy to do and if you give yourself enough time to prep you have more time to play but even if this is a last minute set up, use these images as guidance for what you can do.  Trust me it will help you in so many ways.


-I used everything from the Cheerful Daffodil here

-I chose to go with gold accents because of the China I used

-I went with Lilac colors for the flowers and love how this came together



-I used everything from the Cheerful Daffodil Collection here

-I added my own bunnies and baskets

-Went with white tulips and white florals but could have used soft pink here too

-Decided to go with silver accents and I also love how this came together

(Just changing the shape of your napkin can make a huge difference)



-I did NOT use the chargers or candles from this collection but added these delicate white placemats instead

-I went with white and green florals

-Taper candles from my Will You Be Mine Collection for a little more elegance

-And again used the silver accents in the cutlery

I hope this was helpful and encourages you to reuse what you already have.  It's really not that difficult once you have a footprint to start with. Sometimes just step back and see what can you do to make your current Tablescape a little different.

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Happy Table Designing!

July 5th, 2021

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