How to RECYCLE a theme


Do you have a theme that you love so much but are nervous to use again because it's a "been there done that?!"  Well I say, do it again! There is nothing better than a great theme, and I believe it is  giving YOU the chance to create something different a second time around.

I love the "Oh the Places You'll Go theme" and used it for my daughter's first birthday (see a previous blog) and when it came time for her toddler graduation/farewell party I knew I had to use it again.  It's a timeless theme and so appropriate,so I went with it.

For this Tablescape I chose to focus on the color orange (as I did the pastels the first time) and pulled that into the chargers, balloons, decor and gift bags.        


This time around I had Toddlers and not one year olds, I was able to focus on more activities and things for them to do. I hired a balloon and a face painter for the little ones but if that was too scary for anyone, I had these awesome themed coloring books at the table for an instant activity.

 Our party was at 3:30-5:30 so not lunch or dinner but when I found these awesome traveling suitcases from Etsy, I knew they were the perfect snack boxes.  We had a couple of allergies, so I had put together fresh veggies and hummus, an orange and I had themed cookies (nut free) from Elani's as a sweet bite.


Lastly, for our party favors, how could I not get each child the book but this time with a twist? Three weeks prior to the event (I told you I love to be organized for this very reason) I asked our children's teachers if they would sign all 12 kids books with a personalized message.  And they did!


We had the perfect cool summer day and everyone enjoyed themselves.

 See below the two different Tablescapes of the same theme.



I LOVE seeing these side by side. See, it CAN be done!

Just remember to have fun while doing it! 

June 28th, 2021

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