How to create the perfect gift bag Series C

How to create the PERFECT gift bag -GIRLS TRIP
Let's talk about a Girls Trip to Charleston!
I try to make an annual trip with my girlfriends, wether it be with my Canadian besties or my girlfriends in the USA because I think it is so important to have that time with the women you surround yourself with.
If COVID taught me anything it was that traveling is truly a gift and a must for me and by not having that ability for so long, I also realized that it is so IMPORTANT.
I had a trip to Charleston planned with some girlfriends in 2020 but COVID canceled that.  We rescheduled twice and it finally happened.
This past September, four of my lady friends and I were off to explore and experience ALL that Charleston has to offer.  If you have not been please put her on your list of travels.  She is a MUST! And yes she is a she:)
One of my friends has a home there and so she offered it up to all of us which made this trip even more personal, special and homelike.  Morning walks, lunches, tours, happy hours and dinners were all on the agenda and what a weekend we had.
For these welcome bags (again not necessary) but I wanted to thank my friends for taking the time to celebrate our friendship and for making the trip possible.  I opted this time for magnetic personalized boxes (yes I had everything packed in my suitcase with me and set it all up upon my arrival) instead of putting these gifts in a tote bag of some sort.
My focus was on white for the freshness of fall, it's simplicity and to symbolize a fresh start for all of us after what we've all gone through with COVID.
I knew our morning's would be lounging, chatting and drinking coffee on the porch so my first purchase were these delicate linen robes from @pigletinbed in white. With a robe comes slippers and these @ugg ones were so popular and SO DARN COMFORTABLE.  One of my guests forgot here's and was so appreciative.  And lastly I added these beautifully scented candles from @penhaligons_london because who doesn't like to light a candle by their bedside? I also learned that the Queen uses this company in her home so this definitely felt fitting for my ladies.
I had them all presented on a table and they got to open them with a glass of champagne just like a Christmas morning experience.
I am so grateful for these ladies and these memories we created.
If you get a chance, plan something right now with your girlfriends.  Trust me you will not regret it as it adds depth and growth to your relationships.  So call them now and make plans.  Even if it's a local winery or a cabin in the woods.
And remember to have FUN!

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