How To Create The PERFECT Gift Bag Series B

How to create the PERFECT gift bag -COUPLES EDITION

Let's talk about a couples trip.

Getting a few of your favorite people together to vacation with is such a joy and a privilege.  Especially after COVID, to realize who you truly want to spend your time with and create these magical moments with.

For my birthday this past summer I was fortunate enough to travel with 2 of of my favorite couples to my favorite place in the country; Wine Country in Northern California.  But this time we explored Sonoma (Napa has always been my go to but it was time to explore beyond).  Staying at the gorgeous Montage Hotel (this property will take your breath away and is a MUST) we dined and wine tasted at some exquisite places.

It is NOT necessary to have gift bags when you travel with other couples but I can't help myself. I'm a giver. The way I think of it is, my friends have taken the time and money to spend it with ME and I want to create a little something extra special for them.

So for this trip I solely focused on the ladies, sorry gentlemen. I LOVE to hike and go for long walks especially in the mornings and if you've experienced California mornings they can be a bit chilly. So I knew I wanted a cozy sweater of some type and found these gorgeous ones by @wheatandseaco and that set the tone for this gift bag.

I then opted for Pajamas because if I'm being honest I almost ALWAYS forget to pack pajamas when I travel and as it turns out so did one of my guests.  These comfortable Pajamas from @rollerrabbitofficial were exactly what I was looking for and when I perused on their site I also found the perfect make up bags and totes to assemble my items in.


A last minute addition was a book. I LOVE to read when I have the time and lately that just has not happened but being on vacation I thought could present some quiet time for my guests in this gorgeous environment.  So I threw in the last book I read which was @midnightlibraryreviews


Again, so not necessary but this to me is just so much fun and again with a lot of thought behind it, my guests were so touched and LOVED their newest additions. 

If you find yourself wanting to create something but just don't have the time or creativity to do so please contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you.


Have fun creating and giving!

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