How To Create the PERFECT Gift Bag (Series A)

How To Create The PERFECT Gift Bag 

I don't know about you, but I LOVE to travel.

My favorite is just with my husband because we travel very well together and like to do the same things. BUT I also LOVE a girls trip or even a group trip.  When these opportunities arise I also LOVE to find the perfect gifts for fun gift bags for my guests.


I know I've said LOVE a lot here but it's true.  Giving gifts is one of my love languages and what better way than to use my creativity to come up with some fun, unique and  yet meaningful gifts.

For my mother in law's 80th birthday, my father in law took our entire family on a Caribbean Cruise and I wanted to not only get some fun swag for our group but I wanted to document this monumental birthday with some creative gifts.

I first created a logo for her which was MK80 (The initials of her first and last name and of course her age) . I liked this because it kept her private and it was super fun for us all to know the meaning of this logo. So that was the first thing.  

Then I wanted to provide items that people would use on the trip. Nothing screams trying too hard when random gifts are given for the sake of just giving. Being on a cruise, I knew our group would be lounging on lounge chairs A LOT, so I went with a personalized tote bags (cream and navy) with the logo engraved. I knew not everyone would think of bringing a separate bag to the pool deck.


With that in mind, I also placed the logo on make up kits (could also be used for their wet swimsuit), individual beach towels and a fun KEEP CALM AND CRUISE ON T-Shirt for everyone. Lastly, and my personal favorite I created personalized flip flops for EVERYONE.  The ladies received green or  pink and the men received blue for a pop of color in their bags!




Nobody was expecting this and the person who was the most happy and felt extra special? My Mother in Law!  I couldn't have been happier for her birthday celebration at sea, surrounded by her family where we created amazing experiences and looked great while doing it too.

Remember to think about your group and what you'll be doing and that will be the BEST barometer to guide you to finding the PERFECT gifts for your guests.

And ALWAYS have fun doing it!

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