Has your vacation been cancelled? Create your own Tablescape inspired by your destination.

For many of us this past year (and maybe even this upcoming summer) our trips have been canceled or we are just not ready to go abroad. Should that stop us from celebrating? I say NO! It's time to get creative. During the Pandemic, my husband and I were suppose to be in Italy, Greece and London last June and when the day arrived and our trip was obviously cancelled, I decided to surprise my husband and bring the three countries to us in three different ways.

For Italy, I already had this checkered red and white tablecloth and napkins, so I knew I wanted to run with this authentic look. I purchased these little Italian flags from Amazon, used my chargers and plates from home alongside my cutlery and stemware.  Purchased a nice bottle of Italian wine and  played Italian music.  We ordered from our FAVORITE Italian restaurant here in New York City, Il Postino (because I needed a break from cooking during Covid) and we really felt like we got away.  We talked about our many travels together and about our future adventures together. It was truly a hit.


When we were suppose to be in Greece, outdoor dining had just started opening up so we opted to dine at our favorite Greek restaurant Avra (outside dining made it feel ever more authentic) and boy was it a treat to dine out! We got dressed up (I even wore a dress that I bought for my trip because I'm that person who buys items WAY in advance). We had no idea how much we missed dinning here in New York City, until it was taken away. We will NEVER take that for granted again.

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Lastly, when we were suppose to be in London, I opted for a more low key, casual dinner at home. I made homemade fish and chips and used wax paper to deliver our meals and served them in baskets. We bought some English beers for my husband and because I do not drink beer I opened a bottle of white wine. I may not have created a full blown Tablescape for this dinner but the presentation of the food was plenty good and very satisfying.

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I'd say this mini getaway at home did the trick as we have three small babies and to just have these three nights AWAY was like a DREAM.

So no matter what is going on in the world or what happens, don't give up on that trip. Just bring it home and recreate it as best you can.  It will be a night or nights you definitely won't' forget.

March 15th,2021

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